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1 coat Wash Primer
2 coats Robbialac Synthetic Enamel. 
2 coats Epilux 4 Enamel 
2 coats of Epoxy Clear Varnish. 
Old previously painted surface: 
If there are raptures, flaking, chalking, the paint must be removed completely by
mechanical or chemical means to a clean bare metal free from rust and dusts. 
New Surfaces: 
The surface is to be treated with T–6, petrol or a suitable degreasing solution. All
rusts must be removed by emery rubbing and if required, by Rust Remover.
Wash with clean water and allow to dry. After surface preparation, quickly apply
a coat of suitable primer. 
For B. P. / Iron Sheet: Apply a coat of Red Oxide Primer or Zinc Chromate
Primer/ Zinc Phosphate Primer/ Auto Coat Red Oxide. 
For G. I.  Sheet or Al–sheet: Apply a coat of Jensolin Wash Primer followed by
a coat of Zinc Chromate/ Zinc Phosphate Primer.
(For B. P or steel sheet Wash Primer is not required). 
Apply a coat of Bison Primer/ Auto Coat Primer Surfacer (Grey/ White). 
Then apply a suitable knifing putty. This should be applied in thin layers so as to
bring uniform surface level. 
Apply another coat of Bison Primer/ Auto Coat Primer Surfacer (Grey/ White). 
After sufficient drying each coat is to be rubbed down to a smooth surface. 
Apply 2 coats of Robbialac Super Gloss Synthetic Enamel or Apply 2 coats of
Jhilik Synthetic Enamel. 
Exterior surfaces in coastal areas are likely to be affected by salt deposits
carried in the atmosphere from the adjacent sea. Ultraviolet rays are more
concentrated in coastal areas, which accelerate the erosion of paint coatings
and may lead to severe chalking. Such extreme situation needs proper painting.