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Surface preparation: 
The surface to be painted should be thoroughly rinsed and washed with water to
remove any possible salt deposits or loose powdery matters. If there is
efflorescence that has to be scrapped off and then to be treated with 5 –10%
Muriatic acid solution. After 10 – 15 minutes it has to be washed with clean
water. Allow the surface to dry completely before painting. Time interval
between the coats should not be too long; in that case deposition of salt may
occur which will affect both the previous subsequent coats. 
Plastered Surface 
: 1 coat Tartaruga textured paint direct on new
    or 3 coats of Chlorinated Rubber paint or 3 
                coats of Coaltar Epoxy.
Exterior Wooden Surface: 3 coats Jensolin Chlorinated Rubber Paint.
Steel Structure or
   1 coat Chlorinated Rubber Red Oxide   Primer
Steel Exterior Surface  2 coats of Jens. Chlorinated Rubber Paint.
Cold storage operates at low temperatures, sometimes below minus degree
centigrade e.g. meat and fish cold storages. Surfaces should be cleaned,
disinfected and dried properly before painting.
Surface preparation:
It is essential that the air and surface temperatures be allowed to rise to normal
condition before painting work is started and be maintained during the whole
painting process. Adequate ventilation must also be maintained during painting
& after painting sufficient time should elapse to dissipate paint odor from
evaporation of solvents.  
: 3 coats of Chlorinated Rubber Paint over 1 coat of
                                       Chlorinated Rubber Primer.                                                     
: 23 coats of Durocem/ Weather coat.
Concrete is composed of Cement, sand and hard aggregates of required size.
New work:
Allow the concrete to dry out in depth as much as possible.