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New and Old Concrete:
Thoroughly brush down the surface with stiff wire / coir brushes to remove loose
and powdery residues. If there is any organic / fungal growth, the affected areas
are to be treated with anti-fungus solution. Paint after the surface is completely
Matt Finish
A.1 coat of Plastron Sealer
    2 coats of Robb. Plastic Emulsion.
B.1 coat of Plastron Sealer.
   2 coats of Synthetic Matt Finish.
Textured Finish 
   1 coat of Tartaruga Textured Paint.
If painting is to be done direct on concrete floor – then it has to be sand blasted
to arrive at smooth even surface free from all contaminants. Otherwise a light
but hard solid plaster is to be done onto concrete. Ensure that the floor is
completely dry and free from grease, oily matters or any contaminants before
painting is started.
2 – 3 coats of Epoxy Flooring Compound.
(First Coat thinned down)
N.B. Mixing & Inter-coat interval to be followed strictly.