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Glazing Putty:
A linseed oil based putty used to hold windowpanes. Before applying this putty
steel windows should be properly primed. 
Knifing Paste Filler:
Solvent based fillers used to fill up minor imperfections in wood or steel. 
Wall Putties:
Wall putties are mostly made by painters at site before application. Because of
the ignorance of quality and activity of the raw materials used and also
disproportion in many cases, putty works lead to paint failure by peeling off,
cracking or flaking. Therefore, the following wall putty is recommended for a
good job. 
Add 1 ½ kg of top quality chalk powder to 1 litre of Robbialac Plastron Sealer
and 100 ml of clear tap water. Mix together intimately to a smooth past. 
Surface Preparation:
Allow the putty work to dry sufficiently on the wall for sanding to a smooth
surface. It is better to apply in thin coats. 
According to surface on which putty has been applied.