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Color coat:
2 Coats of Robb. Super Gloss Synthetic Enamel on top
of wood primer.
Stainless Steel is generally not painted put if it is so needed please contact our
sales center for advice.
Originally fine plaster, now used to describe an external type of rendering, such
as ribbed stucco, stippled stucco etc.
(See ‘Concrete’, ‘Cement Rendering’)
Swimming pools are a place where water is kept clean & fresh for swimming
purposes. These pools when constructed with concrete rendering are often
required to be painted. It is important that slippage of water through walls of the
pool from the adjoining areas is altogether stopped during construction. Since
there is flow of water in the pool and also water pressure on the walls and bed of
the pool special type of paint is needed for painting.
Surface Preparation:
It should be ensured that the surface is absolutely dry. Any crack should be
properly repaired or stopped. The walls or bed should not be of neat finish. If
already painted and not in sound condition, should be scrapped off completely.
Any algae or fungus growth should be cleared and treated with Anti-fungus
solution. Allow the surface to dry properly.
Apply 3 coats of Swimming Pool Paint or 3 coats of Epilux 4 Enamel with 1st
coat slightly thinned down.
N. B. Inter-coat time-interval should be precisely followed.