Berger ColorBank

It's amazing how a little imagination of yours can create colors of wonders. Over the past 16 years, Berger ColorBank has made it possible for you to choose the color of your dreams. It is an innovative computerized color dispensing solution that allows you to choose from an astounding range of unlimited shades for interior and exterior walls.

Formulated with the highest quality ingredients, all ColorBank paints are LEAD-FREE & ECO-FRIENDLY. The ECO System Colorants from Clariant, Germany is the ultimate technological breakthrough in tinting system technology that ensures high quality products with high coverage, optimum performance in terms of light, weather and solvent stability. Its accuracy to reproducibility ensures you to confirm the desired shade from time to time.

Berger ColorBank has got unique Winvision software that helps you visualize color combinations on computer screen.

Now with more than 1,000 outlets at your doorstep, Berger ColorBank celebrates 16 years of a greener planet that you have envisioned.

ColorBank Process Chart

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