1. Surface should be dried properly.
  2. Rub the surface with 120 no. water paper. Then clean it with brush to get rid of loose dust.
  3. For old exterior painted surface after rubbing the surface, need to wash by water & let the surface dry for 2-3 sunny days.
  4. To fill up the gaps, for interior wall use Ready mix wall Putty and for exterior new wall use cement based putty.
  5. Select suitable paint.
  6. Use right thinner for right paint.
  7. Before applying the paint stir it properly.
  8. Let the air & light come to the room.
  9. For recoating (Sealer/Primer/Putty/different finish paint) allow to dry the surface as per recommended time.
  10. Always follow the instructions of container literature of paint applications.
  11. Air tight the container if the total paint is not used.
  12. Use the thinned paint within as per recommended time (available in paint application guideline).


  1. Never apply the paint in Damp/ moisture or surface with salinity.
  2. Don't apply the next coating of paint before drying of previous coating.
  3. Don't apply any loose materials (e.g. chalk powder, lime etc.) with any paint except required thinner.
  4. Don't leave the brush or roller with paint. Wash the brush or roller properly with water or thinner.
  5. Don't apply the paint in moist weather.
  6. Don't over thin any paint.
  7. Don't smoke during painting.
  8. Keep the paint or paint related accessories from fire.
  9. Keep the paint away from the children.
  10. Don't apply the paint while keeping any high metal belongings in your hand.
  11. If your eyes are affected with paint then wash those with lots of water and for any emergency, consult with the Doctor.
  12. Don't shut down the doors or windows instantly after applying the paint.

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