Appearance: Small cavities & 1 mm in diameter on the substrate.

Cause: Absorption of Paint into holes due to inferior quality or wrong putty application on the substrate, poor compatibility of solvent and additives, using substandard fillers, inappropriate mixing, substandard plaster work (using cement and sand).

  • Prepare the surface as per instruction given in paint application guideline
  • Choose right Sealer, Putty and finish paint
  • Apply all products as per instruction given in paint application guideline to avoid the defect.

Water Spotting

Appearance: Circular Marks up to 6 mm diameter, on the surface of paint film, It is lighter in color than the surrounding surface.

Cause: Water droplets impacting of evaporating from the surface in exposure (exterior), Thick wax polish, Rain, Thick putty & poor curing etc.

  • Apply putty as instruction given in application guideline
  • Apply second coat of putty/finish paint after proper drying of first coat.


Appearance: A chalky dusting or powdering at the painted surface.

Cause: Incompatible & Defective Materials within the paint, Degradation of the binder agents, Degradation of Pigments & Poor Putty / Chalk Wash.

  • Do not mix any additional chalk powder/talc powder/white cement in the paint during application.

Contamination / Adulteration

Appearance: Uneven surface & different spots.

Cause: Mixing with other product, Un-grinded filler (chalk), plastic with distemper etc.

  • Do not mix any external material with paint during application.
  • Use only recommended thinner with recommended mixing ratio.


Appearance: Milky White Haze or Mist formed on the surface of the Paint Film.

Cause: Moisture Condense / Trapped due to thick film, Application in excess humidity, Use of poor quality water / thinner, Air pressure in application.

  • Use recommended thinner with proper mixing ratio during application.
  • Allow to dry each and every coat of Sealer/Putty/finish paint as recommended.

Runs & Sags

Appearance: Different wave lines, Marks like water droop, Finger marks etc.

Cause: Poor thickening material, Excess DFT as a first coat, Excess thinning, Less viscosity of Paint, Slow evaporation of thinner, Excess humidity etc.

  • Do not over thin the paint during application.
  • Use appropriate thinner as recommended in application guideline.
  • Apply paint in the substrate where proper air circulation is available.

File Marks

Appearance: Heavy file marks showing through top coats.

Cause: Poor putty application, poor sealer/primer application, Deep hole, coarser plaster & impurities in plaster.

  • Properly prepare the surface before application of Putty and Sealer/Primer.
  • Use appropriate equipment for putty application as recommended for smooth finish.
  • Fill all holes with putty properly.

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