Want colors that speak for a greener planet?
Look for Berger Paints.

Berger has always been pioneer in introducing technology driven, innovative and environmentally friendly painting solutions in Bangladesh. At Berger, we believe in preserving the natural balances to maintain a healthy environment for us as well as for future generations.

Driving by the social commitment and responsibility towards safety of natural environment, we have already eliminated lead from most of the household decorative paints and now the full range of Berger ColorBank products is lead-free.

As the world is tackling various issues on climate changes, Berger too has been an earnest participant towards this cause, solemnly vowing to stop the environmental degradation so that they can give the next generation a decent place to live. Rooting from the same thought, Berger introduces a new interior emulsion 'Breathe Easy'. Breathe Easy is a unique paint and the first of its kind in Bangladesh that will completely change your impression towards paints. Breathe Easy will provide your house with a healthy environment with a touch of nature for your walls. Its low VOC formula helps prevent any air pollution. So the lingering odor one experiences from the freshly painted walls will be no longer there, making your house comfortable for you to live in even while being painted. Breathe Easy is a healthy paint for a healthy lifestyle. It contains Anti-Microbial properties that resist the growth of bacteria and other microbes on the paint film, so that the walls of your home will remain completely safe and healthy for your family for many years to come. The 'Stain-Free' formula in Breathe Easy helps keep walls looking brand new for a long time. To make Breathe Easy even safer for human and especially for children, it is kept free of Alkylphenol Ethoxylate (APEO).

Breathe Easy was the cornerstone of the upcoming comprehensive green product lines of BPBL. With the initial success of top-coat in terms of market response, has prompted us to offer complete eco-friendly range for interior paintings solution. To complement the "Breathe Easy" - Premium Interior Emulsion with more healthy and more environment friendly undercoats, Berger Breathe Easy Eco Series now offers 'Low VOC' and 'Odor-Free' super premium water based Sealer and Wall Putty.

Spirit of going green is also incorporated in all kinds of new product development initiatives. Jensolin Self Leveling Epoxy (SLE) a latest addition to Berger industrial products category is not only lead-free but also free of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC). We promise to keep the green endeavor ongoing in all new products.

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