Prize Distribution Ceremony for the colourful people from Berger Robialac Rong Raater Mela


On the night of Boishakh, "Berger Robbialac Rong Raater Mela" was celebrated on April 13, 2012. On the night, winners among the people involved in the celebration of colors in every corner of the city, painting the streets throughout the night are being recognized by Berger.

On the May 21, 2012, the Prize Distribution Ceremony was held in a restaurant in Gulshan. Head of Marketing Mr. A. K. M. Sadeque Newaz, General Sales Manager Mr. Syed Salahuddin Abu Naser and Category Manager Mr. Shahriar Ferdous were present among other officials from Berger Paints Bangladesh.

Prominent artists like Hamiduzzam, Shubir Chowdhury, Biron Shom, A. B. Alvi, Mainuddin, Farida Zaman were in the judges panel for "Berger Robbialac Rong Raater Mela".

The best Alpona artists were Saima Fayrooz and team from Shanti Nagar, Abul Kawser and team from Baily Road, Najmus Sakib and team from Dhanmondi, Sudipa Muhury and team from Uttara and Shahrin Mahmud and team from Mirpur were chosen by the judges.

Every team was presented with prize money and certificate courtesy of Berger.

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