Berger introduces 3 new Construction Chemicals


Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited has become a household name in Bangladesh through the impeccable quality of its diversified portfolio of technology-driven, global standard, innovative products and unmatched customer service. BPBL recently introduced 3 international standard products under the "Mr. Expert" range to successfully protect constructions from water, salinity and cracks.

The products launched under "Mr. Expert" are: Mr. Expert Water Barrier, Mr. Expert Salt Safe and Mr. Expert Crack Filler.

Water Barrier is an effective product to give concrete and masonry surfaces and impeccable coating. It also gives protection against dampness caused by water.

Salt Safe is an alkali resistant primer and can be applied to fresh concrete. This product seals and prepares recommended substrates from damage caused by moisture and salinity.

Crack Filler prevents cracking of surface by improving flexural strength and reduces drying and aging shrinkages.

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