Berger Breathe Easy Enamel: First Ever Water Based Enamel Paint in Bangladesh


Berger Paints has been the pioneer to introduce Breathe Easy Eco-friendly series - the first ever odor free and Eco-friendly range of paint products. Breathe Easy Enamel, the new entrant in this series, is a premium water based semi-gloss enamel paint for application on wood, metal and masonry surface. This is a
unique enamel paint which uses water as thinner instead of solvent based thinners. Breathe Easy Enamel paint has low volatile organic content. As a result it has no odor; the room remains fresh & comfortable even during painting. Apart from being odorless, all the prominent features of premium enamel have also been accommodated into Breathe Easy Enamel. Breathe Easy Enamel is developed with Ultra-Fast Dry formula. In addition, Breathe Easy Enamel gives longer lasting sheen to the surface; so the surface stays same for a long period of time. Its characteristic additives improve its cleanability & provide water
repellency which helps cleaning of all sorts of stains and dirt from the surface and gives the surface an evergreen appearance along with rich & shiny look.

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