Bangladesh is a riverside country with a large no. of big & small rivers and their tributaries. Moreover, it has a large sea coastal area with Bay of Bengal.

Because of this facility a good proportion of transportation is being done by sea & river. Bay of Bengal is well known for its fish reserves. Our fishing trawlers & boats are engaged in fishing in Bay of Bengal.

We have two sea-ports and a good no. of river ports. A good no. of ships are coming to and going out from these seaports. Large no. of sea-coasters, launches, trawlers, barges, country - boats are plying everyday through sea-coasts and rivers.

So huge activity could be seen in sea-ports, river- ports, dockyards & dry-docks. Besides there are shore and off-shore constructions, Pontoons, Buoys, oil/gas rigs, underground or underwater pipelines.

To cater to the need of maintaining these vessels & other constructions Berger has introduced a wide range of Marine paints suitable to withstand rigorous marine weather both at sea & sea-coasts and also at river & river-ports.

Berger is here to help you choose the kind of protection you need for your belongings.

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