Breathe Easy

Consumers of Bangladesh have their utmost trust in the quality of Berger's paints. Keeping in line with other developed countries, Berger uses the latest technologies to fulfill consumer demands over the years, which have always strived to be environmentally friendly. It always emphasized on the consumer's needs and desires, thus creating a product range that is completely consumer centric. As the world is tackling various issues on climate changes, Berger too has been an earnest participant towards this cause, solemnly vowing to stop the environmental degradation so that they can give the next generation a decent place to live. Rooting from the same thought, Berger introduces a new interior emulsion 'Breathe Easy'.

Why is it special?

Breathe Easy is a unique paint and the first of its kind in Bangladesh that will completely change your impression towards paints. Breathe Easy will provide your house with a healthy environment with a touch of nature for your walls. Its low VOC formula helps prevent any air pollution. So the lingering odor one experiences from the freshly painted walls will be no longer there, making your house comfortable for you to live in even while being painted. Breathe Easy is a healthy paint for a healthy lifestyle.

Size and Packaging

Available in 3.6 liters and 0.9 liters pack.


Breathe Easy is available in ColorBank's 101 shades.

Usage Area

Breathe Easy Emulsion is an interior wall finish, which can be applied on all types of smooth plasters, false ceiling, asbestos sheet, concrete etc.


New plaster surface: It is advisable to allow new plastered surface to dry adequately before painting. Ensure that the surface is free from loose particles and any greasy/oily substance by cleaning the surface with emery rubbing paper or wire brush.

Repainting: Previous coatings of lime wash, distemper etc. must be thoroughly scraped off. Earlier coatings of emulsion based paint need not to be removed if the coatings are in sound condition. However, the gloss/sheen of such coatings must be removed by thorough sanding. Cracked or flaked paint must be removed completely. Fungus affected areas require separate adequate treatment. Repair the cracked portion of plasters and areas affected by leaks, drainage etc., well prior to painting. Allow the surface to dry sufficiently.

On new/old walls: Apply 100% thinned Robb Water Based Sealer as primer. Dry the wall for at least 4-6 hours. Then apply two coats Robb Wall putty with a 6-8 hours interval. After proper drying (overnight) of wall putty, rub down the wall with sandpaper to provide a sound surface. Apply one coat of Breathe Easy thinning with 100% water as the prime coat and allow the surface to dry at least 24 hours. Now the surface is ready for paint application.


Breathe Easy Emulsion can be applied with brush or roller. Apply 2 coats of Breathe Easy Emulsion as the finish coat within 24 hours interval.

Dilution for application:

Brush - Paint : Water = 3:1 (By volume)
Roller - Paint : Water = 4:1 (By volume)


- Do not overthin.
- Use the thinned paint within 12 hours.
- Do not retain the thinned material beyond
recommended time.

Berger Breathe Easy is an odorless paint. That's why when you paint your house with Breathe Easy you don't get any bad odors.

It contains Anti-Microbial properties that resist the growth of bacteria and other microbes on the paint film, so that the walls of your home will remain completely safe and healthy for your family for many years to come.
The 'Stain-Free' formula in Breathe Easy helps keep walls looking brand new for a long time. Because of this special formula, common dirt and stains can hardly affect your walls. However, if your walls are affected by tea-coffee stains, handprints and the marks from your children's color pencils, you can easily wash them off more than 5000 times with soap water without affecting the color and tone of the paint Breathe easy gives the walls an impeccable long lasting finish with a touch of soft sheen suited for healthy living. When walls are painted with any shades of Breathe Easy, the rooms look more spacious, thus giving you a more aesthetic interior.

To make Breathe Easy even safer for human and especially for children, it is kept free of Alkylphenol Ethoxylate (APEO). It is lead free and environment friendly.

It contains very minimal amount of volatile organic compound (VOC), therefore it prevents emission of greenhouse gases, thus, the environment of the house remains fresh and very comfortable to live in.

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