Mr. Expert Construction Chemical

Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited has always been committed in bringing the best and innovative products that care for your building assets. We are offering a number of construction chemical products under the brand name Mr. Expert.

Mr. Expert Water Barrier

Mr. Expert Water Barrier is Two-component flexible acrylic polymer modified cement base water proofing coating which creates an excellent impermeable layer for concrete surfaces and masonry walls. Without sufficient and proper water proofing , a number of problems can rise like damage to the dry wall, strength decrease of plaster wall, damage to the wall paint leading to paint failure, fungal attack on the affected wall etc. Mr. Expert Water Barrier is very effective in resisting these problems in buildings by stopping such water leakage inside the plaster walls.

Features / Benefits :

Heavy Duty Water Proofing By Providing
Excellent Impermeable Coating.
Good Adhesion With Cementations Surface.
Applied for Positive & Negative Sides of
Easily Brush Applied.
Flexible Enough to Take Care of Minor
Cracks in Concrete & Plaster.
Durable & Economical.

Application Area :

Bathrooms & Wet Areas
Roof Slabs & Screeds
Roof top gardens
On the Top Of Lime Terracing
Internal Walls for prevention from
Seepage Due to Rain Lash
Water Tank
Swimming Pool
Suitable for Steam Room Water Proofing

6-7 SFT/Kg for 2 Coats
Brush or Trowel

Packing Available : 14 Kg

Mr. Expert Latex Plus
Mr. Expert Latex Plus is based on Modified styrene Butadiene Latex used for High Performance Applications in waterproofing & Multipurpose Repair work. It Bonds Strongly to Old & New Concrete & to Plaster.

Features / Benefits :

Mr. Expert Latex is Multipurpose Slightly Plasticizing Mortar which is Economical & Easy to Use.
Bonds Strongly to Concrete, Masonry, Stone work, Plasters, Steel, Asphalt & Most of the Building Material.
It Prevents Cracking By Improving Flexural Strength.
Easily Brush Applied.
It is waterproofing, Prevents Leakage & Dampness.
Enhances Strength of Repair Mortar & Provides Durability.

Application Area :

Bathrooms & Wet Areas
Roof Slabs & Screeds
On the Top Of Lime Terracing
Internal Walls for prevention from Seepage Due to Rain Lash
Water Tank
Swimming Pool
Suitable for Steam Room Water Proofing

45 SFT/Kg for 2 Coats

Brush or Trowel
Packing Available : 1Kg

Mr. Expert Cement Mix
Mr. Expert Cement Mix is an Integral Liquid water proofing compound for plaster & concrete]. Mr. Expert Cement mix is a special formulated additive, composed of cement compatible corrosion inhibitor, surface additive, polymers and other agents. It improves the integral waterproofing properties of cement concrete and plasters after curing. It is used as an additive for cement concrete/plaster/mortars because of its plasticizing property, which makes concrete denser and prevents segregation

Features / Benefits :

Being a liquid, dispersible in Concert/mortar mix .
Makes the concrete/mortar more cohesive.
Increases durability, by increase in impermeability.
Economical in application.
Dose not affect the setting time & strength.
Reduces shrinkage cracks in plaster & concrete.
Delays corrosion by minimizing chloride penetration
Increases workability for easy placement
Increases strength and durability ,by reducing water cement ratio
Produces waterproof concert/mortar by blocking capillaries/pores in the concert.

Typical Application Area :

For waterproofing of concrete and sand-cement mortar used in basement , roof slabs and screeds, water retaining structures, external plastering, bathroom & balconies, water tanks, sumps & drains, etc.

200ml per 50kg bag of cement
Just add to gauging water that is to be mixed with mortar/concrete

Packing Available : 1 ltr,5ltr,10ltr&20ltr

Mr. Expert Salt Safe
Mr. Expert Salt Safe is special type of Sealer which is required to resolve the salinity problem of building especially in coastal area. It is a perfect anti-dot to Efflorescencing salts. Mr. Expert Salt Safe gets through structural pores of plastered wall and makes the harmful salts insoluble and inactive.

Application Area
All types of plaster walls( Interior and exterior both)
Hard Board
Asbestos Sheets

Benefits :
Perfect anti-dot to Efforescencing Salt i.e. Salinity
Excellent substrate penetration & topcoat adhesion
Water Based sealer based on special type of emulsion
Physical barrier to salt migration

Approx. Coverage 550-600 SFT /Gallon for one coat.
Brush / Roller
Packing Available :0.91ltr,3.64Ltr,18.2ltr

Mr. Expert Crack Filler

Description :

This product is used to fill the cracks on cementitious surfaces very effectively. Mr. Expert Crack Filler is two-component cementitious product which is based on modified styrene butadiene latex (Part A) which will be mixed with an aggregate (Part B). After filling the cracks with Mr. Expert Crack Filler, the product shows excellent integration with the old and new surfaces which means getting back a smooth continuous wall.

Not doing anything to these cracks will not only taint the aesthetic beauty of your precious wall, but also they can allow water penetration inside the wall structure which will lead to paint failure, fungal attack, damp marks, weaken structural strength etc

Features / Benefits :
Cracking : It Prevents Cracking by Improving Flexural Strength.
Shrinkage : Reduces Drying & aging Shrinkage Cracks.
Bonding : Bond Strongly to Concrete, Masonry, Stonework, Plasters, Cementations Surface, Asphalt & Most of the Building Material.
Hardness : Improve the Hardness & Prevents generation.
Erosion & Corrosion : Improves the hardness & Prevents Corrosion.
Abrasion Resistance : Improves abrasion Resistance of the Cement Mix.

Application Area :

Brick Masonry Wall

Packing Available : 4.3 Kg

Mr. Expert Tile Adhesive

Mr. Expert Tile Adhesive is a ready mixed polymer modified cement based powder multi-purpose tile adhesive. It provides outstanding adhesive/tensile strength, high mortar flexibility & excellent workability of tiles with cementations surface like plaster, concrete etc. & used for fixing various types of tiles.

Features / Benefits :
Ready to use , needs only mixing with water.
Excellent adhesion, Low shrinkage
Suitable for indoor, Tile on Tile, Plaster&
Mosaic applications.
Sufficiently flexible to accommodate physical &
Thermal movement
Needs no Curing, Needs no hacking or mechanical
key on the surface
Floors can be used after 24hours
Curing not required
Soaking of tiles & backing of surface not required

Application Area :

For Fixing all types of tiles on internal wall/Floor
External Floor & tile- on- tile applications
As well as swimming pool tiling applications

Approx. 3.5-4.0 sq.f/kg for 5-6 mm thickness
Notched/ serrated trowel
Packing Available : 20 Kg

Mr. Expert Tile Grout

MR. Expert Tile Grout is Premixed Polymer Modified Cementations Power, Containing well graded fillers & Specialty Chemical Additives to Perform Water Proofing.

Features / Benefits :

Ready to use -only addition of Water at site.
Excellent adhesion with all types of Tiles.
Forms Impermeable Joints.
Non Shrinking.
UV stable hence suitable for
Out Door Application.

Application Area :

All Indoor & out door Tiling Joints

Depends on Tile Size & Joint Width
Packing Available : 1 Kg

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