Painting homes has always been a painstaking task to everyone due to the dust that gets spread out throughout the household. Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited, in order to wither the pain of dust, has launched Express Painting Service. This modern technique of painting will provide clients with deft painters who will use automatic machines to complete the whole task thereby reducing dust significantly inside the household. As the whole task will be completed by automatic machines, time required to paint will be half as much as it would be if it were painted by ordinary method.  These automatic machines & proficient painters will ensure impeccable bright color & smooth finishing.


To avail this service, call us at our Free Call Number 08000-123456

Sander Machine

Sander Machines with vacuum suction technology diminishes dust up to 90% in comparison to sanding papers. During sanding, powerful vacuum dust bag pulls all the dust ensuring cleanliness of the environment.

Putty Mixer

Putty mixer having a very effective 2-speed switch helps to mix the putty and color reducing time & energy.

Automatic Paint Roller

The automatic pump & adjustable handle of paint roller ensures faster painting at any corner of the home. This roller also enables efficient usage of paint reducing any wastage.