Berger Home Diaries

We believe that homes are a reflection of the people who live inside, where everything looks and works the way you want it to. That’s why we’ve gathered tons of different home ideas, from home decoration ideas to organizing tips, to help you build your ideal home.

When Festive Cheer Meets the Spirit of Peace

The fast-paced and chaotic nature of our lives screams for a calm and peaceful home where we can escape our troubles and breathe a sigh of relief.

A Realm of Scented Candles in the Midst of the Town

When we enter into the house, some sweet and secret fragrances lead us into the mysterious land. It draws us inside the wooden door where lights and shadows are already there to welcome us.

Turn Every Awkward Nook Into a Chic Corner

Is there a beam in the middle of your room? Is there an empty corner to the right inside the room? Every house is different than the rest.

A Slice of Seashore, in the Most Crowded City

In our jam packed scheduled life, we often want to breathe the breeze of the ocean to calm our mind and feel peaceful.

A Cozy Home of An Artistic Soul

A home is where family lives, where memories framed together with old and new ones; in other words where love dwells.

A Land of Milk and Honey

The balance between interior decoration and space utilization, natural light and manufactured LED lights, natural air, and conditioned air, all these can be comprehended vividly in his abode.