In the heart of Dhaka, where ambitions soar as high as the planes that grace the skies, stands the future gateway to Bangladesh – The 3rd terminal of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. This ambitious project, with the capability to handle 24 million passengers and half a million tons of cargo annually, marks a significant milestone in Bangladesh’s aviation history. Berger Paints Bangladesh Ltd has played a crucial role in bringing this vision to life, contributing its expertise to ensure that this terminal not only meets functional requirements but also exemplifies aesthetics and durability.

The centerpiece of this project is the modern terminal building, covering an extensive 2,30,000 square meters. Berger Paints have ensured the protection of these structures by providing the most advanced, innovative and unique coating solutions such as Easy Clean and Weathercoat Antidirt Longlife. Easy Clean, known for its stain-repellent properties, ensures that the terminal retains its fresh and vibrant appearance even after years of heavy foot traffic. Weathercoat Antidirt Longlife, designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions, safeguards the structure, guaranteeing its longevity. Jensoline Epoxy & PU based coatings have been applied on the structures of MLCP, ICT,ECT, Terminal-3 main building and on all pipeline system; enhancing safety, functionality, and aesthetics. These coatings are vital components of an efficient and safe airport operation, and Berger Paints’ commitment to quality shines through in every detail. This partnership between Berger Paints and Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport’s third terminal is a testament to shared values of excellence and progress.