Berger Luxury Silk Emulsion is one of Bangladesh’s most prestigious paint brands. Its glitz and shine can only be carried by the most glamorous, Jaya Ahsan. As a result, the two dazzling figures formed a bond that deserved to be publicized beyond the TV-driven ATL campaign. With static and video banner ads, our goal was to raise contextual awareness about the newly formed spectacular relationship among netizens. In keeping with the brand TVC, we created a KV that is adaptable to various media and placements. We used both local and Google ad networks to display the KV. This generated 4.6 million impressions and over 4,000 clicks. We served half a million impressions using the Pokkt platform’s reward-based video advertisements, with a nearly 95% completion rate and 3.54 percent CTR. Moreover half of the audiences was between the ages of 25 and 50, and they were using Samsung and iPhone flagship devices. Hence, we got the premium portion of the market to watch the entire video. We made the best use of the display for Bangladesh’s most glamorous paint brand, Berger LSE, using all of the resources at our disposal to assist the TV-led Berger LSE campaign outside Facebook. We also employed the Pokkt platform’s reward-based video ads. And that has led us to win the massive award for the best use of the display award