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Berger Easy Clean Superior Plastic Emulsion is the new generation paint for elegant interiors of a reverie home, available in the widest range of mood creating shades. It beholds patented engineered modified polyester fibers which create a nexus with next-generation acrylic cross-linker and ultimately develop a webbed network. This three-dimensional integrated webbed network having strong reinforced action boosts the comprehensive strength of paint film in a geometric figure than any other conventional interior paints. Immured polyester fibers in the system add a high influx of population and work as minute rollers during paint application which results in faster roller or bushing application with efficient transfer of paint spreading, superior hiding, and extra coverage. It ensures a tertiary level of mechanical property, thereby inhibits hairline cracks, stain penetration, abrasion of the paint film as well as contributes to effective waterproofing properties.
Recommended Surface

Interior Cement Plaster Concrete Stone Brick Asbestos Cement Sheet

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