Luxury Silk Emulsion

Product Description
A marvel of international emulsion technology, Luxury Silk combines the best of aesthetic appeal with the best of functional properties like durability and ease of maintenance. Luxury Silk is formulated with a fine particle acrylic emulsion and exterior compatible pigments. The paint dispersion, flow, and other characteristics are minutely balanced with the addition of several state-of-the-art additives. A special broad spectrum non-toxic and environment-safe fungicide and biocide impart strong anti-fungal properties to Luxury Silk. Luxury Silk painted walls are extremely smooth to touch and have a pleasing soft sheen. It has an exceptionally high scrub resistance and can be washed frequently with water or a mild solution of water and soap (not detergent) for easy maintenance.
Recommended Surface

Interior Cement Plaster Concrete Stone Brick Asbestos Cement Sheet

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