Product Description
PowerBond SH Plus is a premium quality synthetic resin based self-hardening adhesive with superior bonding strength, water resistance and very fast setting Adhesive. It is based on a polymer of Polyvinyl Alcohol and Vinyl Acetate Monomer with water as a dispersed medium and stabilized by suitable surfactants. PowerBond SH Plus is cure by allowing the water to evaporate or be absorbed by the substrate after application. It is specially formulated with high resin content for woodworking.

Features and Benefits:
  • Very fast setting adhesive
  • Non-hazardous, Non – flammable, Solvent free
  • Excellent bonding strength on all types of wood
  • High degree of water resistance
  • Superior spread ability, higher coverage
  • Extremely low VOC content. Complies with VOC requirement
  • Long Storage life
  • Water based – environmentally friendly