Product Description

TexBond FA is a polyvinyl acetate emulsion which is useful for textile finishing where semi-permanent finish is required for cotton, linen, polyester, rayon and their blends. It enhances their handles, quality and appearance. The wash fastness of the finish is not as permanent as that is obtained with thermosetting resins e.g. urea formaldehyde, melamine formaldehyde. However, it can be improved by the use of a small quantity of such additives. Treated goods can safely be dry-cleaned in white spirit of per chloro ethylene, but trichloroethylene must be avoided.

    • Excellent adhesion to natural and synthetic fibers no tendering of fabrics
    • Colorless, odorless and natural
    •  Non-discoloring, non embrittling on ageing resistance to chemicals and mildew
    • Non-inflammability
    • Curing equipment not necessary
    • Easy and quick preparation of finishing bath good storage stability
    • Consistent and efficient quality
Recommended Surface

TexBond FA is particularly suitable for finishing light weight cottons, long cloth, full voile, mull, lawn, dothi, poplins ginghams, shirting and flannelettes. Lace fabrics, elastic and rigid webbing, nets and scrims and industrial flooring felts may also be satisfactorily finished. It can also be used for imparting fullness to loosely woven rayon goods