Flexible Roofing Compound

Product Description
Berger Flexible Roofing Compound is an excellent coating for roofs that seals and stops penetration of moisture from the exterior surface and keeps the roof protected. Specially formulated acrylic-based dry film & Recron® modified polyester hollow fibers can stretch to an extent to provide a crack-free surface to stop water penetration into the roof and helps to keep the roof cool during summer. Berger Flexible Roofing Compound has excellent TSR (Total Solar Reflectance) as it is capable of reflecting shade-wise 75% to 84% of solar energy which helps to reduce the surface temperature up to 3° Celsius compared to conventional coatings. It is characterized by excellent leveling, opacity, film flexibility, water repellency, and has excellent anti-algal and anti-carbonation properties.
Recommended Surface

All types of concrete & asphalted roof