Product Description

INKMASTER Pearl BOPP Ink is highly pigmented Gravure Printing inks for premium quality Surface printing applications on Extruded Poly and PP Films. Optimized to give best printing results in deep freeze resistance. INKMASTER Pearl BOPP Inks are exclusively formulated with high Molecular weight polyamide.


INKMASTER Pearl BOPP Ink is designed especially for surface printing of packaging labels for cold drinks and beverage bottles, ice cream packaging and specialized for Pearl film. Normally in case of wraparound labels for the cold drink bottles an OPV is employed to obtain desired scuff, water resistance and slip properties.

The performance results indicated in this literature are only indicative under controlled conditions of laboratory with virgin & standard packaging grade films. Please do not use lower grades or substandard films. Berger Paints Bangladesh Ltd. will not take any responsibility for abnormal results on those cases.