Product Description
TexBond PD TJ 1335 is specially designed for high binder loaded recipe where extreme wet & dry rubbing fastness is required. It is specially designed in a styrene-acrylic system with suitable crosslinking agent. TexBond PD TJ 1335 has been developed with the same principle as Berger to offer products with uncompromising quality. Any textile manufacturer can get these products at competitive prices which will match international standards. TexBond PD TJ 1335 is an extremely firm, durable binder due to the presence of a cross-linked acrylate polymer backbone conferring excellent fastness properties. It does not influence the efficiency of the viscosity of synthetic thickeners. Its outstanding mechanical stability ensures even distribution and penetration.
  • Excellent fastness properties
  • Specially designed for Panama fabrics
  • Compatible for high binder loaded shades
  • Contributes a soft handle to the printed material.
Recommended Surface

All kinds of textile materials commonly used in textile printing