Product Description

TexBond Wettex KNT (V) is a low foaming wetting & scouring agent with excellent detergency and oil removing efficiency. It is highly efficient to remove waxes, oils, grease, dirt and most other stains from cotton fabric and their blends. TexBond Wettex KNT (V) has been developed with the same principle of Berger to offer products with uncompromising quality. Textile manufacturer can get these products at competitive prices which will match international standards.

  Special Features:
    • Environment friendly, APEO free, Non-hazardous and biodegradable
    • Low foaming properties makes the product more suitable for high turbulence machine
    • Good wetting properties gives smooth and trouble free loading of goods
    • Liquid, pump-able formulation suitable for automatic dispensing equipment
    • High temperature stable because of higher cloud point
    • Highly acid and alkali stable
    • Give outstanding hydrophilic properties, provide good absorbency and excellent whiteness to the treated fabric